Why Men Should Grow a Beard - The Ultimate Benefits

Muhammad Waseem Nov 08, 2018
Why Men Should Grow a Beard - The Ultimate Benefits

Do you have a beard or planning to grow one and having difficulty deciding whether you should do it or skip the idea?

Here are some of many health and look benefits which might reinforce your plan of changing your appearance.


Due to uncountable sources of environmental pollution in today’s world, our skin is exposed to many kinds of harmful chemicals, gases and germs etc. Studies have shown that bare skin can be easily attacked and impacted by germs and bacteria. Shaving with a razor can cause exposed scratches and cuts on the face. Germs and bacteria can easily attack those exposed wounds and get into your blood stream causing skin complications like acne etc. and also other diseases too. Whereas having hair on your face can protect you from a lot of risks which is ultimately a strong plus for beard.


Don’t you have to use many types of expensive products on your face for protection sun rays. Thanks to nature for giving us men a handsome way of avoiding sun rays. It prevents dangerous and harmful rays of sun to damage our skin. Studies shows that having a beard can greatly reduce affects of UV rays of sun on face resulting in a healthy facial skin.


Well I guess I don’t need explain it but the truth is beard does gives men a great look. It’s a known fact that women feel more attracted to men who have facial hairs. Reason being it gives a strong, mature and masculine appearance which most certainly are mannish traits. Ask women if you feel it otherwise.

What’s a lion without his beard; right!


Studies shows that bearded men look younger than men who don’t have a beard. Why wouldn’t it be as it’s an easily understandable fact that facial hair protects your skin from dust, sun, any hazardous environmental impacts which can result skin to get wrinkles and look old. Thus, beard makes you look young by keeping your skin fresh and away from any direct damages.


Men who shave can describe that how hectic it is to shave everyday which consumes time and money on shaving tools as well as on face care products. It would be nice change for them to not to shave. Go ahead with the idea of growing beard if you feel that you can’t shave on a daily basis.

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