How to Get a Good Haircut (For Men)

Muhammad Waseem Oct 10, 2018
How to Get a Good Haircut (For Men)

Hair cut can give you a whole new level of personality, if did right. If you want to get a different look for any big event in your life or just want to change your usual style, then getting a new hair cut is first step. Though it might not look a big deal to get a new cut, you have been doing it for your whole life after all but do you often get disappointed after coming out of barber shop when you think that it was not what you wanted.

It is better to prepare before you want to make big decision. We are sharing few tips on how you can have a good hair cut without any remorse and your big day wont be ruined, just because you made some bad choices.

Select the right haircut
First of all choose the right hair cut for your self. Search thoroughly about your face shape and which cuts will suits you most. There is always an option which can enhance your cheekbones, gives slim effect to your round face etc. Apart from face shape, also look for the type of event you are going to attend and also keep in mind about your profession. For example you do not want to have a cut like surfer if you are a office going professional. In case of special event like wedding, also consider the way you are going to dress.

Bring picture of style you want
If you have selected the hair style from any celebrity or influencer, it is better to keep the picture of that look along with you when you are going for the cut. The picture can tell more then you while explaining every little detail. You can simply show the picture to hair dresser and ask for the little changes you want to add. Explaining the style only can cost you a lot of time and chanced of getting the wrong style. Plus in the events of any misshapen, God forbid, you will have the solid thing to counter.

Choose the salon
Now that you have selected the hair cut and have picture with you, it is time to choose right salon for you. It is important to pick a place which have comfortable environment and the barbers or hair dressers know what they are doing. You can search for online reviews on their social media or ask around if they have professionals before going under their knife, well more appropriately their scissors.

Explain the trims you want to add
Once you have selected the salon, be comfortable with the hair dresser and explain him what changes you want in your style. Don't be shy to explain every details and if you have brought the picture, it would be easy to explain the changes. Tell him in details about what length, you want and how much trim you need as they might have different ideas about the fade or undercuts.

Be on time
Once you have selected the style and salon, it is better to make an appointment before hand. Keep in mind to not select the timing when there is more crowd around like evenings. In that scenario, your hair dresser probably be too distracted and you also wont be comfortable to explain your requirements. Reach on time which you have selected and not be too late or too early

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