5 Things to Consider while Growing Beard

Muhammad Waseem Oct 18, 2018
5 Things to Consider while Growing Beard

There were times when clean shaven faces were very common and it was considered cool. But having a beard is quite popular among men these days. And why shouldn’t it be! It gives an awesome look to the face and it comes with a lots of benefits. Men are searching more about different styles of beards which includes short, medium and long beards. But whatever type of beard you have or thinking of growing, there are some factors which should be considered


There are many types of faces around the world. From round to diamond shaped and square to heart shaped, face shape varies for each individual. It is a very important to know your face shape and choose your beard style accordingly.  For example it might be a odd idea have a lengthy beard if you have a thin face.


There are many types of styles around. One might like a specific type of look while others may not. The choice of selecting any style varies for person to person and their look. If you like a macho look then you must choose a beard style which will give you your required overlook. An unthought style might not satisfy your inner being. Therefore choose an overall look before you start growing a beard.


If you won’t trim a plant every now and then what will happen?

Its branches will go everywhere and will give a very rough look. Same goes with your beard. You need to trim it time to time to give it a decent and clean look. Also periodic trimming will cut two faced ends of hairs which will result in faster and clean growth of beard eventually.


Let’s look back at the example of plants. We nourish roots of plants with different  fertilizers and water it every day to make sure it grows healthy and strong. That applies to beard too. Beard needs a regular and proper nourishment. If you want a great beard you have to earn it. Nourish it with different oils and conditioners. There are plenty of products out there which will fulfill your requirement. But be aware to choose right type of product/oils.


Let’s face the fact! Everyone have different type of hairs. Some have thin and some have thick strands. Some have shiny and straight while others have curly and rough. Same way someone’s grows faster while other struggle with slow growth. You must accept your hair type. You might have to wait longer than others for your required results. But if you choose right desired look according to your face type, trim it periodically and nourish it regularly you will have your results definitely.

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